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What students say?

Wow!! Are you a dental encyclopedia?!! Im impressed by your patience and skill!🤝👌👌😊


I cleared my ore part 2 at my first attempt. I started my preparation with PLAN ORE. They really gave me a good idea about what is expect of us in the exam. For someone like me who was living and working in India, this online course was just perfect as I could start my preparation while sitting so far away at the comfort of my home. The tutor solved my doubts and queries very patiently till the very last moment. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone planning to sit the exam soon. They give loads of practice for both dtp and osces. Their osces notes are excellent especially the fact that they have at least mentioned the pilot osces which other faculties don't really stress upon.
Thank you PLAN ORE.
All the best.


Thanks a lot plan ore 🙏I made right decision during my ore part 2 journey of joining plan ore . The part 2 tutor is highly highly knowledgeable, makes classes interesting so that we don’t forget . I highly recommend plan ore as one stop for all exam needs . They provide enormous support and guidance . All the best everyone


I can't find words for thanking plan ore got 83 in part 1 and 81 in part 2. I can't believe this score... Thank you sooo Soo much


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Happy Students

By god's grace. I passed both LDS and ORE. Many thanks to plan ORE . You guys make a fabulous team and your regular support was priceless.


Hi guys , this was my second attempt in ore part 1... and thanks to @plan ore constant support and guidance , I have finally cleared part1... I joined their crash course, and I would recommend it 100%.
I'm poor in solving feedbacks especially restorative dentistry and their revision papers were very helpful( mainly their lectures well structure and taught to the point , also always being patient when we tend to eat their brain with constant doubts )😇🤭
P.S. this is my personal experience..

Once again, thanks to @plan ore and congratulate all who passed. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I personally would like to thank my study partner , she actually recommended me to join the course, as I was sceptical to join any course after flopping exam last year.. glad I listened to her .. I dont regret a bit now.. 
Thanks again.. 🙏🏼😇


Hi all.i have recently taken this course.i would highly recommend to do a complete course of osce dttp and takes two month and honestly ore 2 is extensive .we cannot do course in like five days likes others are offering.once you do only five days you come back home rest two days and forget 90 percent of stuff.
Now come to this course. The tutor teaches us.she is never in rush to finish class.shs goes slowly and between class if we have questions she always explain and clear.most important and attractive part of this course is she has designed in such a way we are covering each and every topic in detail plus she is giving us all recording advantage of recording is we forget things so we  can listen again and again.

If anyone wants to ask any questions please msg me.i would highly recommend this course.its a live and yes homework is best thing the tutor give on regular basis .so we goes along with class.there is a lot alot of revision.i.hope I have explained in an easy way and that's all what I feel


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Happy Clients

I am so glad that you have written this message because I was about to express an identical experience. The tutor is an amazing teacher, she is knowledgeable, dedicated and very helpful


True to each word...
I recently took a course with plan ore and i highly recommend the course. Im sure u will not regret ur decision.thanks for all the help plan ore🙏🏼🙏🏼


Yes indeed. Im so happy to have made the decision of joining Plan ORE. The guidance and support throughout the course and after it has ended as well. The tutor knows exactly how to explain all doubts in an easy understandable way. Prompt Feedback after each and every part of homework is so beneficial. Thank you 😊🌹


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Testimonials: Testimonials


Hello everyone 
I am very happy to announce that i have passed my ore 2 in first attempt by the grace to Almighty and blessings of family and friends.
But I would like to say thanks to plan ore specially part 2 tutor who help me alot in every stage .
She gave me support throughout and her guidance were really helpful. I have attended many courses but this plan ore course helped me to improve and clear my doubts and gave me strong support till my exams.
Their notes and videos were very helpful . 
With plan ore2 you don’t even need any study partner because the tutor will solve all the cases and osces with you  and trust me no other course do that. 
In ore2 my strength was dtp and  that’s because of  the tutor . She help me to improve that and all other weaknesses not only in dtp but also in  osces and medical emergency. 
To pass ore2 all you need is hard work and correct guidance and for that I heartily thanks to plan ore and the team specially the tutor to help me to reach my goal.
I strongly recommend this course to all who wants to pass exams in one try.
Thank you soo much.

Hi all, I have taken plan ORE course recently and I would say it is a very good course . It is well structured including notes and recordings. The part 2 tutor is an excellent teacher. She explained everything very well and make it easy to understand.
Even though it is an online course I highly recommend this course . I am sure you won’t be disappointed .
Thank you so much plan ORE for all your help 🙂

S gajendra

I have taken planore course last month. I can say I enjoyed all classless because they were well organized, thoroughly explaining all relevant aspects of ore exam and including practices of OSCEs and DTP cases.I highly recommend the course and the part 2 tutor is highly qualified and his way of making complicated issues much more easier   helped me so much. Thank you PLAN ORE for your support and for answering me immediately when I shout for help 😊.


Dear colleagues , I suggest you all to book with plan ore as the tutor takes classes of 2.5 to 3 hours per day . She is devoted and she makes it sure that you grasp each and every component . I strongly recommend plan ore  for actor osce , written osce and DTP . It’s an extensive course of 2 months with complete follow up and they post notes at home as well . There is no hassle of travelling or staying in hotel . You learn everything at the comfort of home . Thankyou very much plan ore for this generous support  and guidance till the end . 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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Dear Plan ORE
I just would like to tell the part 2 tutor thank you very much for your great help and support throughout the preparation of the exam. I really liked the way you teach; always answer our questions promptly with very detailed information based on the evidence and explain anything until we understand.

Dear dentists who are preparing the exam
I would really recommend Plan ORE course. The tutor teaches us all the components which we need to cover for the part 2 exam and this can not be done in any other 5-day courses. She is very responsible to clear all our doubts and always replies us for any kind of silly questions. She is an absolutely amazing teacher!!


Thank you to the entire team of Plan ore. You are an amazing team. I am so glad I joined you guys. God bless you and if anyone is thinking of joining them. Don’t think ....JOIN NOW.


Hi everybody. My name is Tawasul. I am one of the luckiest candidates who decided to attend PLAN ORE COURSE! This was a best decision that I have ever made in my life. @Plan ORE is different from all other courses. You can attend it online no travel’s headache, no accomodation cost, reasonable fees for the course and I would say it is the cheapest if you consider all the above mentioned points as well. The part 2 tutor is an amazing and dedicated tutor I have ever met in my life. She is always there for help and support. The session with her makes everything easy and clear. She will always update you with the new guidelines and solves all your doubts even if you feel it silly question. The course is long ,not just 5days. Everything covered in this course with details and you can watch the session while you are on your bed or on your disk taking some coffee. It was very comfortable for me to attend this course really and I strongly recommend it for all of you. It is flexible and whenever you are not able to attend you will not miss anything because everything recorded in your account. If you are live participant you got the chance to practice all actor osces and all dtp with the tutor. the  Believe me if I continue to write from today till a hundred following days about @Plan ORE I wouldn’t cover all their advantages and benefits of attending this course. At the I would say massive thank for you  for helping me and supporting me always till I become more confident and passed the ore part2 exam in my first attempt. Good bless you dear. Please take care about yourself you are doing great job. God bless you. Guys,@Plan ORE is the best course which you will never regret any penny been spent on it. Good luck to all of you in this exam. Ore part2 exam is easy exam despite it is stressful just need from you to be confident and believe in yourself, always smile to the patient and make him to feel comfortable and trust on your treatment plan. Good luck again 🌹❤🌹🎈🌹🎊🎉🌹🎉


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Passed MJDF part 1 OCT 2020. Thank you so much Planore for your support and guidance especially Dr.Prerna who answered our queries 24*7 even at 11pm with the proper references..
I highly recommend Planore .It's  is the best course I have attended..  they always strive for the benefit of students and their notes is up to date. Their schedule planners are the best


hello everyone
I passed MJDF part 1 OCT 2020 and I appreciate all the support we got from plan ore team as always they do, there are amazing team update us with any change in the guidelines, they are always available to clarify any doubts ,answer our questions. 
Thank you plan ore


Hello everyone, I passed MJDF part 1, I would take a moment to say how grateful I am to Planore to help me through and guide me at every point, whenever I needed. They went out of their way to help me and were there emotionally as well as sometimes all you need is a lil bit moral support and someone to just tell you to be confident and that it will be fine. Thank you so much😊🙏🏻


Hi guys, I have a news to share, I have cleared the DIP PCD RCSI exam which took place on the 5th of October. It was only bcos of the planore course materials and mcqs ,I could get an idea about what to study and from where ,full time support to ask whatever silly doubts anytime , Thank you sooo much to all my tutors for their help and effort.🙏


I passed the DP PCD RCSI Dec 2020.  Thank you very much plan ORE 🌹🌹. Thank you very much, almost the same questions we are doing in Plan ORE , you can say more than 90% .Most of the questions are clinical.


I received my Diploma of Primary care yesterday in a virtual ceremony of RCSI(june 2020). Alhamdolilah and thanks to my teachers here at PLANORE


I have taken the course and i am in the passed my ADC Australia exam for osces

I will explain how i find PLAN ORE course helps

1.       Though ADC are currently asking from the 8 OSCE sets and recently the 2 new sets, by doing the course you get a strong foundation on how to a go about each case without ending up like parrot which the ADC also has mentioned they don't want pre planned answer. Hence they change the case between candidates so we don't come with prepared answers formed as res 't of discussions from Fb groups.

2.       The notes and lectures give you chance to revise what we studied in university and also learn concepts more clear which is often not done in many colleges.

3.       By doing the course you will feel more confident to face the exam as you will depend on the knowledge you have gathered and not suggested answers from FB groups.

I am not paid or asked to say the above, i am giving you my honest feedback as I truly appreciate the efforts Plan ORE puts for each candidate. I have had a great learning.


Cleared MFDS 1..Thanks a lot to team plan ore for consistent support and compassion in our trying times. You people are great and really,  I am thankful to you guys. You people go out of the way to help us.. cheers

Jawwad Afridi

I passed the part 1 MFDS exam (Edinburgh)! Cannot be more thankful to @Plan O.R.E  for all their efforts! They made sure that every question, doubt and clarification I had was answered. Beyond grateful for all that you do! ☺️ thanks again, @Plan O.R.E!!


@Plan O.R.E I have passed my MFDS PART 2 ENGLAND exam 🎉 Thank you so much for all your guidance and support! I feel so blessed and so grateful to have joined your course because you have worked to improve my weaknesses with your professional approach and service. Thank you so much 🙏 I cannot recommend PlanORE enough. Please use them.


Thank you so much doc… 🙏🏻for guiding me so well, and for all the motivation and help. This would not have been possible without your constant support for MFDS PART 2 EDINBURGH. You were always there with us in this educational journey, to solve those small doubts whenever needed, learnt a lot from you. thanks for being such a great human being and an awesome tutor. 😇🙏🏻




Really enjoyed the Mfds part 2 course by planore. Quite sad it’s ending today☹️Definitely would not have been able to prepare for this exam without attending this course. Thanks again Dr Savarni and rest of team for organising this course😊😊



Thanks a lot plan ore 🙏.I have cleared my Irish dental exam part 2. Tutor are highly knowledgeable, very up to date with all guidelines very helpful. I highly recommend plan ore.❤️


 Thank you @Plan O.R.E thank you for everything. I have passed the Irish registration exam will your continuous help and guidance




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