1. Tests (3000 mcqs with correct answers). 

2. Notes: 740 pages hard copy blacj and white printed notes bound in 2 books sent via courier TO UK (if you are outside uk : please select your country for the courier charges DHL :57 pounds will be added to your fees)

3. continuous whatsapp support

4. 20 months validity  (STARTS FROM FIRST PAY)

5. No help with registration with ore or lds is included.

6. No access to part 2 courses on payment of part 1 course.





    By Making this payment, you agree to our terms and conditions listed below. 
    1) Material given to you should not be shared with anyone else in and outside the course.
    2) We aim to provide accurate information in the materials we share. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through PLAN ORE meet your specific requirements.
    3) The classes can be attended live. If you miss it, you get access to a recorded version. Live classes will not happen again in case you miss it. 
    4) A trial user may attend the class during your course to have a look at the live class. He or she will not live participate. 
    5) If you have been given live participation, you will get a chance to speak in the course. 
    6) PLAN ORE holds complete authority of all classes and can share them with other students. 
    7) PLAN ORE holds complete authority of WhatsApp groups of plan ore . All students who have joined for any of our courses will be in one paid group . 
    8) Timings of class may alter from 8:45 am to 9:15 am for start and 10:45 to 11:30 am UK TIME for ending. Overseas students kindly check the time differences before joining the course. 
    9) In case there is some problems from your side in microphone and speakers, we will try our best to solve it. However kindly make sure they work before joining. 
    10) Skilled OSCEs will be shown via videos in class. 
    11) Recorded access to classes will remain till your pass the exam/1 year whichever is earlier. If you need it after 1 year again we will be charging a 18 pounds fee per month.
    12) We extend full support in PLAN ORE Courses. However, no change will made to suit a student's personal agenda. 
    13) We will use your name, email address and postal address for PLAN ORE purpose only and will be stored in our secured database.
    14) In case of any mis-behaviour or any inappropriate remarks towards PLAN ORE staff will result in immediate account closure and all access will be revoked.